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What is WSCF?

  • Empowering Christian students to work for peace with justice
  • Building a global community of Christian students
  • Calling forth the next generation of ecumenical leaders for our churches, denominations and world

The WSCF seeks to build a network of progressive campus ministries and chaplancies, link students across campuses and build connections with Student Christian Movements around the world.

Securing the Federation's Future

There are 105 Chapters with over 1 million Christian students affiliated with the WSCF all over the globe...

Will you help us nurture this work in the United States?

The Impact of WSCF

"The greatest benefit for students I think is the realization that we are not working alone. There are many others who are also changing the world for the better, and we can help each other. ...When I left the conference, I knew that there were many people who were with me. It was a great experience...."

Rachel '09
attended a conference similar to WSCF